Scientific Activity

`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Scientific Method. Magnitude Measurement. School Laboratory.


`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Properties, States of Aggregation and Mixtures.

Laws of Gases

`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Boyle-Mariotte Law, Charles's Law and Gay-Lussac's Law.

Atomic Structure

`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Dalton's Atomic Theory, Atomic Models, Ions and Isotopes.

Elements and Compunds

`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Periodic Table. Bonds Between Atoms. Elements and Compounds of Special Interest.

Chemical Reactions

`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Interpretation of Chemical Reactions. Introduction to Stoichiometry. Law of Conservation of Mass.


`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Concepts of Speed and Acceleration.


`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Main Forces of Nature and Their Effects.


`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Concept of Energy. Energy Transformations. Heat and Temperature.

Electricity and Electronics

`πŸ”œ COMING SOON` Electricity and Electrical Circuits. Ohm's Law. Electronic Devices.