Gravitational Interaction

`🔜 COMING SOON` Kepler's Laws. Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation. Gravitational Field.

Scientific Activity

`🔜 COMING SOON` Scalar and Vector Magnitudes. Dimensional Analysis. Errors in Measurement. Expression of Results.

Scientific Activity

`🔜 COMING SOON` Scientific Method. Magnitude Measurement. School Laboratory.

Structure of Matter

`🔜 COMING SOON` Quantum Mechanics, Atomic Orbitals and Electronic Structure.

Atomic Models

`🔜 COMING SOON` Thomson, Rutherford and Bohr Models.

Electric Field

`🔜 COMING SOON` Coulomb's Law. Electric Potential Energy and Potential. Electric Flux.


`🔜 COMING SOON` Properties, States of Aggregation and Mixtures.

Projectile Motion

Study of the Parabolic or Oblique Motion.

Laws of Gases

`🔜 COMING SOON` Boyle-Mariotte Law, Charles's Law and Gay-Lussac's Law.

Magnetic Field

`🔜 COMING SOON` Magnetic Field. Magnetic Flux. Electromagnetic Induction.