Scientific Activity

`🔜 COMING SOON` Scalar and Vector Magnitudes. Dimensional Analysis. Errors in Measurement. Expression of Results.

Atomic Models

`🔜 COMING SOON` Thomson, Rutherford and Bohr Models.

Periodic Table

`🔜 COMING SOON` Periodic Table and Electron Configuration.

Chemical Bond

`🔜 COMING SOON` Ionic, Covalent and Metallic Bond. Intermolecular Forces.

Chemical Reactions

`🔜 COMING SOON` Balancing Chemical Equations, Mass-Mass Calculations and Mass-Volume Calculations.


`🔜 COMING SOON` Linear and Circular Motion.


`🔜 COMING SOON` Newton's Laws and Forces of Special Interest.


`🔜 COMING SOON` Concept of Pressure, Principles of Hydrostatics and Atmospheric Physics.

Energy, Work and Heat

`🔜 COMING SOON` Energy and its Forms of Exchange (Work and Heat).